Monday, June 29, 2009

The Ubiquity of Expertise

Politics and Religion are often considered taboo topics in polite conversation, because people often are unable to express their opinions on such matters without allowing emotion to overtake them. Also, people hold their political and religious opinions so strongly (often believing they are not just justified but are CORRECT in their thinking) that they are easily offended when a contrary opinion is presented. To that list of taboo topics, I would add Music.

Because music is omnipresent in our culture (and present in every other culture), nearly everybody listens to music regularly. In listening to one song, they choose to not listen to something else, and are therefore selective in their listening. Even utilizing "shuffle" merely randomly sequences music already previously selected.

This begs the question of how this selection process is made. Most people never really consider this question consciously , yet consider their choices (preferences) highly qualified. By which I mean, most people think they know what good music is. But what qualifies this opinion? When pressed for an answer, most people will say that good music is whatever sounds good. Those more literate may even quote Louis Armstrong or Duke Ellington or others who have said something similar, but rarely will anybody actually provide a reasonable argument as to why their opinion carries any weight.

Before I submit my argument, I'd like to get your best reasons and arguments for what makes music good. Any takers?